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 Our Christian Mission


The mission of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

is to sustain a community: 


shaped by worship, 


connected through faith, 

and called to share God’s love.




We open our doors to a world longing to be close to God. We are a Christ-centered community of faith and prayer in the historic Episcopal and Anglican traditions, devoted to deeper intimacy with God in Christ through the Holy Spirit. With rich liturgical and sacramental worship throughout the week, active outreach programs, and a variety of educational opportunities, St. Paul's is a place where the inner life and the outer life feed one another as we become what we are created by God to be - in His image.  "The Glory of God is man fully alive." St. Irenaeus

Schedule of Liturgies

Sunday:  Holy Eucharist, 8:00am and 10:30am


Wednesday: Morning Prayer, 8:00am


143rd Annual Parish Meeting

The Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost November 12, 2017


November 12, 2017





a.    COUNTERS - Retiring Vestry: Lee Cutler, Larry Helms, Jo Singer 



a. Presentation of Candidates

b. Nominations from the floor


  1. Senior Warden – Larry Helms

  2. Junior Warden – Bill Colt

  3. Financial Report/Presentation of 2018 Budget – Henry Jenkins

  4. Every Member Canvass Update – Susan Norwood





Minutes of Annual Meeting

November 13, 2016


  1. Opening Matters

    1. Fr. Brad opened with a prayer for the meeting. Lee Cutler, Larry Helms, and Gail Greer counted the votes during the meeting. Richard Long served as the Parliamentarian.

  2. Presentation of Vestry candidates: Bill Colt, Susan Norwood, and Jimm Wetherbee announced their intentions to run for the 2017 Vestry. Motion by Doug Lengquist to accept their nominations and to close all further nominations (Pat Ambrose, 2nd) passed.

  3. Senior Warden’s Report - Kevin Plue

    1. Kevin pointed out that at the 2015 Annual Meeting, St Paul’s elected Bob Kozak to serve on the 2016 Vestry, and he passed away while serving in that capacity; Kevin asked the parish to remember Bob and to give thanks for the time in which he served. Kevin then thanked Bill, Susan, and Jimm for their willingness to run for the Vestry.

    2. Kevin reported that the Vestry had just completed the Mutual Ministry Review (MMR) with Fr. Brad and the Rev. Canon Rhonda Lee, and that everyone came away from that meeting with a renewed impetus to engage with the ministries we have at St Paul’s. Kevin then asked the congregation to reflect on their gifts and talents and to please find a place to get involved with parish life beyond Sunday worship.

    3. Kevin extended heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to serve St Paul’s as Senior Warden, and he thanked Rob and Larry for helping him in that role.

  4. Junior Warden’s Report - Rob Hensley

    1. Rob reported that everyone is pleased with the sale of the Laney-Lee House. He reported that he had gotten a text earlier from Shannon King saying that she is planning to prepare a plot in January, begin renovation in February, and begin moving the house in September.

    2. Rob then pointed out that, while it’s the Junior Warden’s function to look after the buildings and grounds of the church, it is really everyone’s responsibility to make sure that our church is kept up and kept beautiful. He then asked everyone to please lend a hand in looking after St Paul’s.

    3. Rob wished to thank the Ashcraft Foundation for paying to have the trees trimmed. Rob then wished to thank Larry Helms for helping him in his role as Junior Warden over the past year.

  5. Treasurer’s Report - Henry Jenkins

    1. Henry wanted to thank everyone for allowing him to serve as Treasurer. He then reported that he had been the treasurer for around 6-7 years, and that he had recently asked the Vestry if he could serve for another year; he also pointed out that he is looking to step aside in the near future, and to please be looking for his replacement. He also thanked everyone who in the past had served as a treasurer, on the Finance Committee, on the EMC, etc.

    2. Henry then wanted to address how the parish stood financially. The P&L sheet showed that, of our budget of $237,385, we had about $197,820 coming in, which is good. Our spending was $204,560, which is ahead of our giving, due in large part to much volunteer work. He also reported that our utilities bill had plummeted recently, which is also a good thing.

    3. The Balance Sheet (which shows many different funds people can give to) also indicates that we are in good shape, however it is never too early to begin saving money. Henry then added he would be more than willing to educate anyone who wanted to know how the finances of the church operated.

  6. EMC Report - Susan Norwood

    1. Susan wanted to thank Jimm and Bill for their willingness for running for Vestry, and she also wanted to thank Kevin, Rob, and Larry for their leadership in the parish over the last year. She then pointed out that being EMC chair is difficult because nobody is comfortable asking for money.

    2. Susan then reported that our total number of pledging units has decreased, while overall giving has increased. She then posed the questions of how we track down people who have pledged in the past but haven’t this year, and how to more effectively encourage people to give.

  7. Pastoral Care Guild - Fr. Brad and Doris Rushing

    1. Fr. Brad reported that the Pastoral Care Guild is getting off the ground, and that Doris Rushing has agreed to be its coordinator. Several of the guilds within the PCG include the College Student Guild, the Altar Flower Guild, the New Baby Guild, Funeral Reception Guild, Lay Eucharistic Visitor Guild, Knitters’ Guild, St Catherine’s Card Guild, the St Lawrence Food Guild, and the Prayer Shawls Guild among others.

    2. If anybody feels called to help in any of these ministries, or has ideas for new ministries, please contact Doris Rushing.

  8. Women’s Group - Lisa Hilbish

    1. Lisa Reported that the new women’s group met with the Rev. Canon Rhonda Lee to organize its mission(s) and goal(s).

    2. The women’s group will meet on the first Saturday of each month from 12:00-2:00.

    3. The name of the women’s group is to be determined.

    4. The first outing as a group is to be on December 9 to downtown Charlotte to see the German Christmas Village. Lisa also added that she is looking forward to reporting good things coming from the women’s group.

  9. Closing Matters

    1. Bill Colt, Susan Norwood, and Jimm Wetherbee were elected to serve on the 2017 Vestry of St Paul’s.

    2. Please think about your gifts and where you can serve in the life of the parish.

    3. Fr. Brad thanked everyone for their love and support during his health issues, saying that the parish proved itself to be as strong as he believed it to be.

    4. Larry thanked Henry for his commitment to our church as the Treasurer, and asked the congregation to please think about who the next treasurer should be.

    5. Motion by Doug Lengquist to close the 2016 Annual Meeting (Larry Helms, 2nd) passed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Matthew Helms



Senior Warden’s Report


A  Parish without a Rector is like a ship in a hurricane. You know that the storm will pass but it sure seems to be taking it’s time!


We have been without a rector in the pulpit for two and a half months. The good thing about that is, we have been blessed with very competent supply priests that have led our Sunday services very well. The bad thing is, that all the other functions that normally fall to the rector have been either neglected or taken on by some very giving parish volunteers. There are so many day to day situations that arise that are filtered or handled by the rector, which we never know about. With all that said, we are moving through the process of finding the rector that God wants us to have.


My sincere thanks and gratitude go out to all of you that have volunteered for so many years but especially this year to fill the void left by the departure of Father Brad. You are awesome and the foundation of this Church. Without our volunteers we would not be here this morning.


Yes, we have had challenges and we will continue to have challenges, as do all churches. With all of you working together we have managed to get through multiple challenges and actually overcome many of them. With that same working together, we will, with God’s help, be able to do the same thing with the issues that are facing us today and in the future.


We will find the right rector for St. Paul’s. It may not be as soon as we would like, but, it will be on God’s time and not on ours. Be prayerful, and patient and we will get through this. We have met with the diocese and the process is moving forward with the diocesan help and assistance.


The other challenges that we face are ones that are common in all churches, regardless of the denomination. Budgets, Sunday School, participation or lack of participation in worship services, new or different programs. These have always been here and will continue to be present since the Church is composed of people with different needs and philosophies.


Our membership is composed of 181 active baptized members, of which 133 are communicants in good standing, including 23 under age 16.  


Thank you for the opportunity that I have had this year to lead the Vestry. It has been rewarding, humbling and full of my mistakes. It was all done with good intentions and with the future of St Paul’s in mind. Thank you again for this tremendous privilege and responsibility.


Larry Helms

Junior Warden’s Report


First, let me briefly recap some of the highlights of 2017 to date. 

  • Carolina Pest installed two new sump pumps and poly sheeting in the crawl space under the nave. 

  • Skyway Floor installed new stair treads on  the inside stairs going up to the nave. 

  • Technocom installed a new color copier/printer in the office. Our new lease is actually less than what we had been paying on the old black and white unit. 

  • We have been upgraded by the City of Monroe to “Large Commercial” status for our electric usage, due to the “surge” of power used during the summer months on Sunday mornings. We received an energy audit from the City and Electricities, Inc., and after one initial moderately heart-stopping estimate, it seems that our electric bill will increase by only $750 per year. I believe we can easily offset this increase with some small changes. 


Now, as to the big white elephant in the room, the Rectory. The Senior Warden and I have been in contact with Shannon King over the past year, and we both remain hopeful that she will make good on her promise to move the house. As of today, the house will not be moved intact, but rather disassembled/ demolished, salvaged, and rebuilt elsewhere. Ms. King retains ownership of the house until March, when, if nothing is done, will revert back to St. Paul's. As you have noticed, a construction fence has been put up, but other than that, activity has been proceeding at a rather glacial pace. 


I'd like to thank the Garden/Columbarium committee for all their hard work in keeping the church grounds beautiful, and a big shout out to Julius Hardee for all his help on the numerous small carpentry jobs that he does. Thanks, Julius. 


Bill Colt


Treasurer’s Report


I am pleased to report that at the end of September 2017, St. Paul’s has $341,765.58 in liquid assets on our Balance Sheet.  This amount does not include the four restricted funds that are invested with the Foundation for the Carolinas (the Julia Kendall Fund, the Blakeney-Bremer Music Fund, the Memorial Garden Fund, and the General Endowment Fund), nor does it reflect the value of our buildings or their contents.


On our September Profit & Loss Statement, we show a total income of $192,759.29 for the year.  This is about 94% of the amount we had budgeted, but thanks to the grace of God and the hard work and frugality of the vestry and staff we have spent only $173,624.51—85% of budget.  We’re in the black!


Because of timing issues with some expenses, I do expect that our expenditures will get closer to the budgeted amount by the end of the year.  That’s why it’s important for us to keep up our giving.


As I write this report, the vestry and Finance Committee are gathering information that will be considered as we develop a proposed 2018 budget for St. Paul’s.  This budget cannot be finalized and approved until the Every Member Canvass has concluded.  Please give prayerful consideration to the pledge you make.  Your gift will be an important part of next year’s budget and will help us to realize the goals many of you expressed in your questionnaires concerning the rector search.



Henry Jenkins, Treasurer


Christian Formation


Adult Christian Formation

The Adult Christian Formation class continues to meet each Sunday from 9:30-10:00 a.m. in the Parish Hall. The group discusses topics that fuse Christianity and the world around us. Each week an article is shared by email, the group reads the article, and then discusses on Sunday during the time together. The group usually consists of 10-15 people. All are welcome to join. If interested, send Kevin your e-mail address and he will make sure you get the article.   His email is


Submitted by Kevin Plue


Youth Christian Formation

2017 has been a busy year for the youth of St. Paul's. Each Sunday from January through May young people ages 8-17 gathered in the youth room to read and study the gospel reading for the day and enjoy snacks and fellowship. Our focus as a group was community service in the name of Christ and building community as St. Paul's youth. To that end we did a variety of service projects:

  • Stayed after church to pick up trash around town
  • Cooked main dishes for the Community Shelter
  • Served dinner at the Community Shelter
  • Decorated and filled bags for residents of Cotton Street Commons
  • Made treat bags for the residents of Elizabethan Gardens Assisted Living

In addition, we had fun eating, hanging out together and socializing. The group traveled to Morrow Mountain State Park in April to hike, picnic and share the Eucharist beside the lake; we also enjoyed a cookout and volleyball after church in May. We are very grateful to Susan Norwood for her generous donation of a sofa; Kitty & Julius Hardee for our lovely rug; Robert Heath for his donation of a lamp table. Having a beautiful and comfortable space in which to gather has been a great blessing this year!


Submitted by Jo Singer



We’ve served about five families this past year; three families are coming regularly. We’re down in the nursery and if any adults would like to help, Marilyn and Mary Kay would welcome you. Remember that if we want to grow we need to have a nursery available or the visitors will probably not come back.


God’s Peace,

Mary Kay Brown

Marilyn Kozak


Vacation Bible School

Many, Many thanks to our talented adult volunteers and teachers who gave of their time, talent and treasure by providing a sign for VBS, arts and crafts, games, snack donations and preparations, music, decorating and teaching! Our students were small in number but our learning and our growth in the Spirit were huge! VBS would not have been possible without you. You have my sincerest thanks and gratitude for all of your hard work. Thank you for sharing His love with the children who came to us this summer at St. Paul's.


The theme for the 2017 VBS was The Fruit of the Spirit. VBS students, staff and youth helpers learned that staying connected to Jesus through the Holy Spirit helps us to grow the fruit of Love, Joy, Faithfulness, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Goodness, and Self Control. If we aren't connected to Jesus we cannot bear the fruit! Ten VBS students participated and our youth helpers (most of whom are our VBS graduates!) numbered ten as well! Watching the VBS students grow in love and knowledge of Jesus and learn about The Holy Spirit was a very gratifying way to spend the week. Watching the youth helpers serve the children with such love, joy, kindness, and goodness was simply beautiful beyond words.

Submitted by Susie Evans and Jo Singer


E-Males Ministry


This last year our men's group has been very active here at St. Paul's.  We gave money towards a Christmas show for our choir children; donated money to YWAM  to feed three families at Thanksgiving; provided lunch for our new M&M ladies group; provided Christmas for a needy family here in Monroe; and held our Annual Shrove Tuesday pancake supper with a special performance from Willie and Waylon.  In addition, our men's group has sung three times during offertory at 10:30 services; done coffee hour three times this year; and held our Annual Church BBQ social in June with "A Deeper Shade of Blue" as our entertainment. We provided Altar flowers in memory of three past E-Males members. We donated money towards the Hurricane Relief Fund thru outreach. As you see, the E-males men's group is an active part of St. Paul's and I would like to thank each the men for their time, talent and treasure for our men's ministry. I invite all men of St. Paul's to join us and be a part of something special here at St. Paul's. We meet the 1st Saturday of every month (Sept-June).  Thanks to St. Paul's for your support of our men's group and may God bless us here at St. Paul's.


Submitted by Lee Cutler


Mary and Martha Episcopal Sisters (M & M’s)


The M&M’s meet on an ongoing basis the first Saturday of each month from 12:00pm-2:00pm  where we have a lesson on our Bible study book, “Bible Women:  All Their Words and Why They Matter”, by Lindsay Hardin Freeman.  We then discuss any new business and plan for future meetings and events.


We had an outing for dinner and to view the Gingerbread houses at The Ballantyne Resort Hotel in Charlotte and are in the process of planning another holiday outing this year.  

We held our first fundraiser – “An Evening in Italy Dinner” on October 28th where the money raised will go to our in reach and outreach efforts.  The M&M’s gave a donation to the outreach fund for those affected by the hurricanes.


We welcome all women who are a member of St. Paul’s to take part in our group and come enjoy the fellowship of your sisters in Christ.  


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Hilbish


Outreach Ministry


The Outreach Committee offers opportunities to the parish to participate in a variety of projects and services.  All members of the church are considered to be members of the Outreach Committee since all can donate their time, their treasure, and/or their ideas for helping others.

The church supports a number of outreach efforts with two teams working to feed clients at the community shelter on two evenings each month.  Youth are involved with Souper Bowl Sunday, taking the lead to solicit donations to provide food for the Union County Community Shelter.  We have also collected a particular food item, such as rice, canned fruit or peanut butter, which was donated to the Amazing Grace Food Drive.  Bags of groceries were delivered to elderly citizens in need in Monroe and Union County.  We joined a number of area churches in this effort led by Heart for Monroe.  Loose change is collected weekly in the metal buckets in church and sent to Food for the Poor.


A core group of four faithful St. Paul's parishioners is entering our fourth year of ministry to the residents at Elizabethan Gardens Assisted Living Center, at times with assistance from some of our grandchildren.  Every Wednesday the group brightens the facility by playing Bingo with the residents, supplying prizes of snacks, quarters and other inexpensive items.  We're gratified by the enthusiastic participation of 15-20 residents who are usually lined up in the hall and waiting when we arrive.  Smiles and laughter abound as everyone wins numerous times, sometimes helped by the cheating maneuvers of the volunteers!  We've come to know and love the folks there and it's clear we all look forward to our Wednesdays together, both residents and volunteers.  Parishioners are invited to join in the ministry by donating quarters, toiletries, individually wrapped snacks and other small prizes.  In addition , our group sponsors an angel tree in December, providing gifts for 20 residents who would otherwise have a rather bleak Christmas.  We are deeply grateful for our fellow St. Paul's parishioners who generously join us in the effort.  Please speak with a member of the team if you are interested in helping in any way: Pat Ambrose, Marie Demarest, Doris Rushing, Debbie Swartz and Jo Singer.


St. Paul's continues its partnership with Heart for Monroe to improve life for the needy in our community.  We participated last fall and will do so again this fall in donating $30 to provide a Thanksgiving dinner box for needy families in Monroe.  The goal for the project is to feed 500 families.  St. Paul's goal is to raise funds for 30 boxes.  The project is being led by Youth With A Mission.  St. Paul's partnered with Black's Memorial Presbyterian Church to host lunch in our parish hall for volunteers at the Heart for Monroe Sports Camp at Monroe Middle School in July.


Last fall, Kitty Hardee spearheaded an effort to provide an art class for residents at Cotton Street Commons on a quarterly basis.  This project has proven successful with the residents.  Kitty plans the activity, collects the supplies  and provides directions.  The next class will be November 14.  Participants will be creating a Christmas centerpiece.  Volunteers are needed to provide refreshments and extra pairs of hands.  Contact Kitty if you are interested in helping.


The Youth Choir entertained the residents at Cotton Street last Christmas with a performance of music and a sing-a-long.  The VBS children also supported Outreach with their donations of food for the needy.


As in the past, St. Paul's set up Angel Trees with names of people from Elizabethan Gardens, Cotton Street Commons and a family in need through Crisis Assistance Ministry.  Parishioners also had the opportunity last Christmas to sponsor gifts for East Elementary students who would have missed gifts for the holidays.  St. Paul's continues to provide breakfast foods for the backpack program at East.


This fall, the parish donated $3,579 to hurricane relief efforts led by Episcopal Relief and Development for victims affected by summer hurricanes from Texas to Florida to Puerto Rico and islands in the Caribbean.


Thanks to all for your support of Outreach projects during the year.  You are making a difference in the lives of people in our community and beyond.  Let us continue to love our neighbors as ourselves.


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Noles, Chair

Jo Singer, Vestry Liason

Charitable Gifts Committee


To aid in establishing long-term financial support, St. Paul's established a planned giving program.  This program features St. Paul's Endowment Fund, which resides within the Foundation for the Carolinas, a solid reliable organization that invests and protects funds on behalf of churches and other organizations in the region.  Through planned giving initiatives, funds are deposited into the church's Endowment.  Income from invested funds, not the funds themselves can then be spent for the benefit of St. Paul's.  The principal remains untouched, ensuring a future return for the church.  The income generated from the Endowment can e used to support programs and he buildings and ground of the church.


Parishioners are encouraged to consider St. Paul's as they do their estate planning.  People my want to make memorial gifts to the General Endowment Fund as a way to remember family and friends who loved St. Paul's.


If you would like to learn more aboout planned giving opportunities at St. Paul's, please contact a vestry member or Nancy Noles.


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Noles


Memorial Garden Columbarium Committee


The responsibility of this committee is to maintain the structure of the Columbarium and Garden walls and the ground inside and immediately outside the walls of the Columbarium and Garden.  Tom Leitner, Warden of the Columbarium, is responsible for the sale of the units in the columbarium and cremorium units that are maintained in the Garden.


The committee consists of Teresa Ashcraft, chairman, Ravonne Pender, secretary, Barbara Joyner, Julius Hardee, and Freddie Gordon.


Respectfully submitted

Gary Noles, Past Chairman


Personnel Committee


The personnel committee consists of Larry Helms, senior warden; Kevin Plue, former senior warden; and Charlotte Jenkins, former secretary. We continue to employ Kathleen Prevost as our choir director and organist; and Nicci Brown as our parish secretary.


Respectfully submitted,

Larry Helms


(Guilds work directly with the Rector, whereas Committees simply keep the Rector informed without necessarily needing Rector’s direct oversight.)


Communications & I.T. Guild

St. Paul’s Information and Technology systems are in good shape.  We transitioned to a new phone system this year, which has saved money and better served our needs.


Respectfully Submitted,

Rob Hensley


Pastoral Care Guild (Doris Rushing, Coordinator)

The Pastoral Care Guild of St. Paul’s, which involves several ministries, works with each other to offer coordinated pastoral care throughout our parish system.  In Fr. Brad’s absence we are continuing our work.


Flower Ministry (Kitty Hardee, Chair)

Billie Huffman, Don & Pat Ambrose,  and Debbie Swartz deliver Altar Flowers to members who are ill, in hospital or rehab, grieving, have a new baby, or on other special occasions.  This occurs two times a week and on special occasions.


Funeral Receptions (Nancy Noles, Chair)

We help with the needs of family and friends when there is a death and funeral in the parish.  At this time, the committee consists of a small core planning group:  Barbara & Herb Joyner, Pat & Don Ambrose, Nancy & Gary Noles, Kitty & Julius Hardee, and Chuck Lochary.  They are responsible for the planning and initial set up as well as a much larger group who serve on a “as needed” basis to provide food or assistance for larger receptions.  They have done this by providing a reception in the Parish Hall after a funeral.  This event provides a time for the family of the deceased to greet family and friends and for the members of the church to welcome them.  This past year we assisted with two funerals.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEV) (Gail Greer, Chair)

Lay Eucharist Visitors (Gail Greer, Jo Singer, and Al Askew) made 28 visits to give Eucharist to members unable to attend church. They visit anyone who is sick or home bound or hospitalized.  Jo Singer is retiring for a little while – thanks so much for your dedication.  Our goal is that all people of St. Paul’s know that we are happy to provide this service.  If you feel drawn to this ministry, we would welcome your participation.

New Baby Guild (Beth Rowe, Chair)

We welcome new babies into our church by giving blessings and support.  We lovingly provided a christening blanket  & prayer booklet to two families at their child’s baptism.  Goals for our ministry are to provide support as a church family of new baby/child entering our parish.  Our knitters are Marie Demarest and Jane Beamer.


St. Catherine’s Card Ministry (Pat Ambrose, Chair)

This ministry, consisting of Pat Ambrose and Maggie Holm, is sponsored by St. Catherine’s Guild and has been doing this for many years.  We sent 115 cards to members and former members for special occasions in their lives.  


St. Catherine’s Prayer Shawls Guild (Doris Rushing, Chair)

St. Catherine’s Guild has been sponsoring Prayer Shawls since before 2006, when we started keeping records.  At the present, our knitters are Carole Pyle, Amy Gale, & Marie Demarest.  We welcome new knitters.  The Prayers Shawls are not only for our Parishioners, but their loved ones also. Please contact Doris if you know of a need.  Along with the Prayer Shawl comes a beautiful booklet full of prayers for every occasion.


St. Lawrence Food Guild (Melinda Plue, Chair)

Along with Melinda, the following people have contributed to this ministry: Gary & Nancy Noles, Deb Smith, Jackie Cutler, Kitty Hardee, Nicci Brown, Gay Clyburn, Elaine Clark, Pat Ambrose, Christine Flack, Maggie Holm, Ginger Heath, Ann Brainard, Billie Huffman, Suzanne Jacobson, Kim Rushing, and Susan Long.  The St. Lawrence Food Ministry will provide meals to parishioners in our church with a major like event (for example:  grief/loss, birth/adoption, extended illness).  The three facets of this ministry are:  1) Cooking a part of a fresh (not previously frozen) meal for a person/family in our parish;  2) Delivery of meals;  3) Keeping freezer stocked with frozen items (casseroles, soups, etc.) for parishioners who have need for them. Distribution is at the discretion of Pastoral Care Guild.  Thank you to the people who have offered to help with this endeavor.  Please see Melinda Pule to be added to the list.  Many hands make light work!  


St. Catherine’s Guild

St. Catherine's Guild is a small group of older women in the church who have inherited this group from our sisters in Christ  who have gone before us.  Our guild minutes go back more than 65 years and the names of members are remembered In Memoriam each Sunday.  We meet several times a year.  Our meetings will be announced in the church bulletin and in the weekly email.  Any woman in the church is most welcome to join us.  For the last several years, we have continued to be the Prayer Shawl Ministry and Greeting Card Ministry.  St. Catherine's also celebrates the season of Advent with our Chrismon Tree which can be enjoyed by our church family in the fellowship hall.  This tree is a display of Christian symbols which have been used throughout the years.

Respectfully submitted,

Carole Pyle  


Worship Guild

Our Worship Guild consists of several ministries working with the rector to organize and plan the various seasonal liturgies and special occasions (e.g. confirmations/bishop visitations, baptisms, weddings, and funerals) that occur at St. Paul’s. These ministries include: Acolytes (Scott Rushing); Altar Guild (Christine Flack); Funeral Reception (Jan Lochary); Lay Eucharistic Ministers (Melinda Plue); Lectors (Melinda Plue); Music (Kathleen Prevost); and Ushers (Doug Lengquist).  As always, each of these individuals welcomes interest from everyone should a person feel called to serve. Please contact them if you wish to become involved in a particular ministry.


Acolyte Guild (Scott Rushing, Acolyte Master)

St. Paul’s had 17 youth who regularly served as Acolytes in 2017.  Juliet Plue, Georgia Plue, Jake Plue, Isabelle Brown, Wyatt Brown, Ryan Clark, Seth Clark, Ian Dunn, Lydia Dunn, Owen Dunn, Henry Helms, Zealy Helms, Anna Grace Hilbish, Elizabeth Becker, Emily Becker, Ella Rushing and Madeline Rushing.


We welcome new Acolytes throughout the year.  Any baptized member of St. Paul’s who is at least eight years old is encouraged to become an Acolyte.


Respectfully Submitted,

Scott Rushing, Acolyte Marshal


Altar Guild (Christine Flack, Director)

The Altar Guild of St. Paul's is a behind the scene group that prepares the altar for every service that occurs at any time . . . setting up the altar, caring for altar linens and vestments , coordinating the weekly altar flowers, weddings, funerals.  It is a ministry of dedicated and well trained people who work with quiet devotion following an historical tradition.  If there is a service at St. Paul's ... the Altar Guild was there first!   This group consists of Christine Flack, Ravonne Pender, Steve Clyburn, Sylvaine Moore, Bertie Fitzpatrick, Matthew Helms, Lisa Hilbish, Mary Kay Brown, Robin Hensley, Melody Colt, Pat Ambrose, Cheri Hill, Susan Long and Elaine Clark.  This past year new green priest vestments were purchased from the Memorial Fund and the communion kneelers were refurbished by a generous gift from a parishioner


Christine Flack

Lay Eucharistic Ministers & Lectors Guild (Melinda Plue, Chair)

Presently, St. Paul’s has 20 members of the Lay Ministers Guild.  The members of this group serve in this capacity at every service where their presence is requested.  Their strong voices, commitment to our church, and dedication are gratefully appreciated.  This year, we formally thank Nancy Noles for her many years of service to this ministry, and we wish her a happy ‘retirement’ from service.


Eucharistic Ministers:  Casey Bono, Bertie Fitzpatrick, Leon Fitzpatrick, Christine Flack, Christopher Flack,  Gail Greer, Matthew Helms, Charlotte Jenkins, Susan Jones, Susan Norwood, Kevin Plue, Scott Rushing, Jo Singer, Jimm Wetherbee, Sue Williams


Lectors:  Tripp Helms, Charlotte Jenkins, Kevin Plue, Melinda Plue, Jo Singer, Jimm Wetherbee, Kim Rushing, Susie Evans


Respectfully submitted,

Melinda Plue


Music Guild (Kathleen Prevost, Choir Master and Organist)
In communal prayer one is singing in the presence of the entire heavenly court, and is thereby measured according to the very highest standards...speaking with God and singing of him with words he himself has given [the Psalms] is what gave rise to the great tradition of Western music.  It was not a form of private “creativity,” in which the individual leaves a memorial to himself and makes self-representation his essential criterion.  Rather it is about vigilantly recognizing with the “ears of the heart” the inner laws of the music of creation, the archetypes of music that the Creator built into his world and into men, and thus discovering music that is worthy of God, and at the same time truly worthy of man, music whose worthiness resounds in purity.   Joseph Ratzinger

ADULT CHOIR:   The Adult Choir meets on Wednesdays from 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.  We enjoy learning new repertoire, welcoming new members, and socializing together.  Because of the dim light in the sanctuary, we recently bought folders with small reading lights, greatly enhancing our ability to see the music!  Our singers faithfully attend rehearsals and Sunday services – thank you all.

YOUTH CHOIR:   The Youth Choir sings approximately six times a year at our worship services.  We also sing for the residents of the Brookdale–Union Park assisted living center here in Monroe.  We take field trips in order to enjoy hearing professional singers and musicians.  This year we moved our weekly rehearsals to Sundays after the 10:30 service.  

YOUTH HANDBELL CHOIR: The handbell choir now contributes to our services on special occasions, such as Christmas Eve.  Our incredible youth regularly amaze everyone with their ability to learn new music quickly and with limited rehearsal time.

ORGAN: The Allen digital organ, although it is now over 10 years old, continues to fill the sanctuary with beautiful music.

OUTREACH: Members of the St. Paul's choirs sing regularly at Monroe's Brookdale–Union Park assisted living center on the 2nd Sunday of every month at 1:00 p.m.  We welcome any St. Paul's parishioners who would like to join us for this casual hymn sing.

E-MALES: The E-Males raise the sanctuary roof every few months with their rousing renditions of gospel hymns.  Thank you all for your enthusiasm and good cheer!


And thank you, parishioners of St. Paul’s, for singing so joyfully every Sunday morning.


Kathleen Prevost 

In the presence of the angels, I will sing your praise.   Psalm 138:1


Ushers Guild (Doug Lengquist, Chair)

St. Paul's currently has a pool of 14 active men and women.  Two serve each Sunday at the 10:30 service.  This generally means that each usher serves about once every eight weeks.  Additionally, ushers are needed for extra services at Christmas and Easter and sometimes for funerals and other special services.  

As with most opportunities in this parish, we can always use additional people.  If you would like to join this ministry, please let me know so we can discuss the duties and responsibilities in more detail.  It is a great way to become acquainted with our parishioners.


Respectfully submitted,

Doug Lengquist, Head Usher 

Vestry Liaison Responsibilities

as of November 2017


Larry Helms (2017)

Senior Warden


Bill Colt (2020)

Junior Warden


Lee Cutler (2017)


Jo Singer (2017)



Julius Nimmons (2018)

Loaves and Fishes

Matthew Helms (2018)


Lisa Hilbish (2018)

M & M’s


Jimm Wetherbee (2020)

Christian Formation

Susan Norwood (2020)

Every Member Canvass Chair


Vestry Nominations

St. Paul’s is accepting Vestry nominations through Sunday, October 15 for  three positions opening in January 2018.  As you  consider making a nomination for a candidate or allowing your name to be placed in nomination, please consider the following responsibilites:


  • Attending Sunday services regularly along with parish events and programming whenever possible
  • Attending all meetings of the Vestry
  • Serving as a liaison to parish standing committees and task forces
  • Providing leadership in parish stewardship efforts
  • Taking turns counting the offering
  • Supporting the mission, ministry, and purposes of the leadership of St. Paul’s, the Diocese of North Carolina, and the Episcopal Church


Nomination forms have been placed at the back of the nave, in the main hallway, and in the Parish Hall.  Or you can download the form by clicking here



2017 Bluegrass Porch Pickin' & BBQ




Bluegrass and BBQ!

The Holy Spirit was there indeed!!


Hey St. Paul's!!

Check out ... our town's nonprofit organization that exists to unite and mobilize churches, community organizations and individuals to address homelessness, hunger, education and relationships in our community!


AND St. PAUL'S is a member!!


See how you can get involved by scrolling down the vertical blue banner to the left and clicking on "Heart For Monroe." There you'll find the link for Heart For Monroe along with many other links to local and national organizations.

 Do you seek to be Baptized?

dates and explanations


Matthew 28:16-20

"Now the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain to which Jesus had directed them. When they saw him, they worshipped him; but some doubted. And Jesus came and said to them, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.’"

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