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Vestry Nominations


      Being a Vestry member at St. Paul’s is an honor and a privilege but also a great responsibility. As you consider making a nomination for a candidate or allowing your name to be placed in nomination, please consider just what it means to be on the vestry at St. Paul’s.        

       Christopher Webber writes in The Vestry Handbook that a Vestry member has three primary responsibilities. The first two managerial responsibilities are to take care of the parish finances and to take care of the parish buildings. The third is “to choose individuals to fill various positions of parish leadership and representation: the election of a rector, the choice of delegates to the diocesan convention, and the selection of other individuals as the diocesan canons and parish bylaws may stipulate. All these responsibilities are defined by the laws of the church that are called ‘canons.’”

       The Canons of The Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina state that “The vestry of a parish shall be the trustees, shall have charge of all the secular concerns thereof, shall hold the property belonging thereto, and shall be authorized to collect, invest, and disburse its funds and enter into contracts on its behalf.”

       And according to the bylaws of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, “All the temporal interests and affairs of this church shall be governed and controlled by the vestry, which shall be composed of nine vestry members who shall be nominated and elected as provided in Article III, Sections 4 and 5” (Article II, Proposed Bylaws of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church). Our bylaws state that “Any adult, confirmed, enrolled communicant in good standing is eligible to serve on the Vestry (Article III, Section 3 of the proposed bylaws for a definition of the terms).

       A person seeking election as a St. Paul’s Vestry member should prayerfully consider whether he or she is able or willing to shoulder the responsibilities that come with the position, which may include (but are not limited to) the following: 

  • Attending Sunday services regularly and supporting parish events and programming whenever possible.
  • Attending all meetings of the Vestry unless it is impossible to do so. Regular vestry meetings are held on the third Monday of each month. On occasion special meetings are held to address specific issues.
  • Serving as liaisons to parish standing committees and task forces, attending committee meetings as ad hoc members and reporting back to the Vestry about the work of these groups.
  • Providing leadership in the parish stewardship efforts by pledging early, making incremental annual increases in pledges when possible, and contributing time and talent for the good of the church.
  • Taking a turn working with a colleague to count the funds received during the previous week and deposit them in the bank.
  • Supporting the mission, ministry, and purposes of the leadership of St. Paul’s, the Diocese of North Carolina, and the Episcopal Church.

            That said, however, there are few positions that can be more rewarding and fulfilling than the Vestry. Members help to lead the church through the present and into the future, forging friendships not only with each other but also with the clergy and other parishioners.

      Vestry members are chosen by a majority vote of those attending the annual parish meeting held on the second Sunday in November. They may be nominated ahead of time or from the floor on the day of the meeting.

       Both nominators and nominees must be confirmed (or received), enrolled adult communicants in good standing at St. Paul’s.

       One of the following procedures must be followed to nominate someone for the Vestry.


To nominate a person in advance and have his or her information published in a special Annual Meeting newsletter:


  1. Secure the person’s consent and complete the Nomination Form.
  2. Ask the potential nominee to complete the Vestry Commitment Statement and fill out the Biographical Data sheet.
  3. Turn in all signed forms and biographical data to the church office no later than the date specified on the form.


To nominate a person from the floor at the Annual Parish Meeting:


  1. Secure the person’s consent and complete the Nomination Form.
  2. Ask the potential nominee to complete the Vestry Commitment Statement and fill out the Biographical Data sheet.
  3. At the Annual Parish Meeting, stand and nominate the person.
  4. Make an oral statement of the nominee’s qualifications and reason for wanting to be a Vestry member, as written on the Biographical Data form.
  5. Give the completed Nomination Form, Vestry Commitment Statement, and Biographical Data sheet to the Senior Warden.



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