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Who's Who: Ministries & Committees & Guilds Roster



Sometimes terminology can be confusing.  While all committees and guilds at St. Paul's are ministries, the terms "committee" and "guild" are used at St. Paul's only in the context of administration.  Except for St. Catherine's Guild, guilds work directly with the Rector; committees however do not.

-The following are arranged alphabetically.

-For more information, click the link of each ministry or committee to go their page.

Acolytes, Crucifers, and Servers

Scott Rushing (Acolyte Master)


Altar Guild

Christine Flack (President and Altar Flower Coordinator), Pat Ambrose, Melody Colt, Mary Kay Brown, Elaine Clark, Steve Clyburn, Bertie Fitzpatrick, Matt Helms, Lisa Hilbish, Cheri Hill, Sylvaine Moore, Ravonne Pender.



Charlotte Jenkins (Assistant Bookkeeper)

Dr. Katherine Armstrong (Payroll)


Buildings and Grounds Committee

Jr. Warden (Bill Colt), Rob Hensley, Larry Helms, Al Askew, Dick Brainard, Susan Norwood


Christian Formation Committee

Elaine Clark & Jo Singer (Church School Director)


Coffee Hosts and Greeters Ministries

Coffee Host Coordinator: Jackie Cutler

Greeters Coordinator: Nancy Queen


Columbarium Committee/Columbarium Warden

Chair: Gary Noles

Committee: Terri Ashcraft, Freddie Gorden, Julius Hardee, Barbara Joyner, Ravonne Pender, Nancy Queen

Columbarium Warden: Tommy Leitner


E-Males Men's Group

President: Lee Cutler

Treasurer: Doug Lengquist

Eucharistic Ministry Guild

Melinda Plue (Coordinator)

Casey Bono, Bertie Fitzpatrick, Leon Fitzpatrick, Chris Flack, Christine Flack, Gail Greer, Matthew Helms, Charlotte Jenkins, Henry Jenkins, Nancy Noles, Susan Norwood, Scott Rushing, Sue Williams


Executive Committee

Sr. Warden (Julius Nimmons), Jr. Warden (Bill Colt), Treasurer (Henry Jenkins)


Finance Committee

Henry Jenkins (Treasurer and Chair), Larry Helms, Susan Norwood, Charlotte Jenkins, Scott Rushing, Jimm Wetherbee, and Kevin Plue


Flower Ministry (Kitty Hardee - Chair)

Pat & Don Ambrose, Billie Huffman, Linda McGuire, and Debbie Swartz


Funeral Guild (Nancy Noles - Chair)

Christine Flack (Altar Guild), Kathleen Prevost (Organist/Choirmaster)


Lectors Guild

Melinda Plue (Coordinator), Lectors: Susie Evans, Matthew Helms, Tripp Helms, Charlotte Jenkins, Susan Norwood, Kevin Plue, Kim Rushing, Jo Singer, Jimm Wetherbee


Memorial Guild

Altar Guild President (Christine Flack), Current Sr. Warden (Julius Nimmons), Current Jr. Warden (Bill Colt), Most recent Sr. Warden (Kevin Plue), Member at large (2-yr term appointed by Rector): Matthew Helms ('17)


Outreach Committee

Nancy Noles & Susie Evans - Coordinators


Pastoral Care Guild (Doris Rushing - Coordinator)

Lay Eucharistic Visitation-LEVs: (Gail Greer - Chair)

Flower Ministry (Kitty Hardee - Chair)

St. Catherine's Card Ministry (Pat Ambrose - Chair)

St. Lawrence Food Ministry (Melinda Plue - Chair)

St. Catherine's Prayer Shawl Ministry (Doris Rushing - Chair)

New Baby Ministry (Beth Rowe - Chair)

College Student Ministry (Fr. Brad Smith)

Funeral Reception Ministry (OPEN - Chair)


St. Catherine's Guild (Carole Pyle - Chair)


Ushers Guild (Doug Lengquist - Chair)

Libby Baker, Jane Beamer, Rhett Brown, Bill Colt, Lee Cutler, Ronnie Cutler, Chris Flack, Freddie Gordon, Bill Heath, Rob Hensley, Linda Lengquist, Barbara Maier, Gary Noles, Kevin Plue, Jake Plue, Arlie Rushing.



Susie Evans (2017)


Wedding Guild

Christine Flack (Altar Guild), Kathleen Prevost (Organist/Choirmaster)


Worship Guild

Christine Flack (Altar Guild), Scott Rushing (Acolytes, Crucifers, and Servers), Doug Lengquist (Ushers Guild), Melinda Plue (Lectors Guild), Kathleen Prevost (Organist/Choirmaster)



8:00 a.m.: Holy Eucharist

9:30 a.m.-10:15: Christian Formation (Sept-May)

10:30 a.m.: Holy Eucharist

3:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m.: Centering Prayer (Nave)


8:00 a.m.: Morning Prayer followed by Centering Prayer (with Holy Communion on Feast Days)


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